Become an old sea dog with the latest Just Cause 4 DLC

Xbox One

Since Just Cause 4 released back in December 2018 there have been a whole host of content drops arrive in game, pushing the standard experience in on numerous ways. And that is what we are seeing here again today as the Just Cause 4 Sea Dogs Vehicle Pack arrives.

Available to purchase and download into your Just Cause 4 game right now is the Sea Dogs Vehicle Pack. Priced up at just £3.99, for the price of a shot of rum you can begin to live the pirate life with two new vehicles.

The first is an armored hovercraft – the Hellbender – which has been created in order to withstand all manner of attacks as you take on foes across both land and sea. Complete with a couple of weapon choices, namely a hefty old cannon and some heat-seeking missiles, should you want to have fun in Just Cause 4, this hovercraft is for you.

Alongside the Hellbender comes the gunpowder galleon that is the SS Borracho, giving you the opportunity to send your enemies to the bottom of the sea. To do so, a quick fire of the front and side cannons will help, and so no matter whether you are taking to the high seas or flying across land, the SS Borracho allows for it.

You will obviously need the base game of Just Cause 4 in place prior to getting in on this latest DLC pack, but from there on out you’re good to visit your favoured digital store and get a download in. For us, the Xbox Store is the ultimate content giver.

DLC Description:

The Sea Dogs Vehicle Pack includes: GUNPOWDER GALLEON (SS Borracho): Send your enemies to the bottom of the ocean with the fully working front and side canons. This Galleon is just as fast on land as it is on the high seas! ARMORED HOVERCRAFT (Hellbender): Built to withstand heavy fire, this behemoth of a vehicle can take on any military unit! The armored hovercraft comes fully loaded with a heavy canon and heat-seeking missiles!

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