Digital Foundry comes away impressed with Sniper Elite 3 on Nintendo Switch



Digital Foundry is always hard at work checking out the latest video games and how they hold up from a technical point of view. Their latest project is Sniper Elite 3 for the Nintendo Switch platform and they have come away impressed with their time spent with the game. Sniper Elite 3 runs at a solid 30fps and 720p when played in docked and portable modes. The team says that in terms of the “game’s visual make-up, everything holds up well” and that they prefer the “nigh-on locked 30fps that Sniper Elite 3 delivers on Switch.” You can read their full verdict right here.

“The best part of the package here is it’s feature complete. It’s a stable 30fps. It has multiplayer, all the missions and delivers exactly what it says on the tin. A Switch port like, say, Divinity: Original Sin 2 shows a game migrating from another console and only just squeezing through when it comes to hitting acceptable performance. By comparison Sniper Elite 3 is a great example of a game nailing what it sets out to achieve, and doing it at a solid frame-rate.

With Sniper Elite 2 already available on the Nintendo hybrid, the sequence seems to be building up to arrival of Sniper Elite 4 – a far more taxing, ambitious game that I’d love to check out, based on what Rebellion has delivered here. Whether it’s feasible is most likely down to how much of a challenge the developer is ready to take on, but on the basis of this what we’re seeing here, we’re eager to see how much further the studio can push the platform.”



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