Arkane Co-Founder Opens New Studio, Expect a Game Teaser During The Game Awards


Raphaël Colantonio co-founded Arkane Studios in 1999. He departed the team two years ago in 2017. Now he and a former Executive Producer at Arkane, Julien Roby, are beginning anew. The duo have opened a studio, WolfEye Studios, which aims to craft big ideas with a small team. In fact, WolfEye is already hard at work on its debut project, though details presently remain under wraps. That will change in the coming weeks, however. The project’s first teaser is expected to appear during The Game Awards on December 12th.

Interestingly, WolfEye doesn’t have one central place of operation. Instead, the team runs on a “distributed” development model, meaning the studio works out of Texas, Australia, or where ever else members of the dev team may reside. The key goal, according to Colantonio, is to “stay creative” and deliver “exciting” experiences to gamers.

Its current project, the one set to premiere at The Game Awards, only has a teaser image attached, thus far. The image, depicted in the featured picture above, includes two people, both of whom don cloaks. One stands near a tree, while the other is front and center, holding tight to a staff. An eye-catching red skull strapped to the central figure’s back is what draws the most attention.

Of course, WolfEye isn’t yet ready to divulge more information. However, Colantonio did tease to VentureBeat that “we like interesting worlds and interesting art direction. … We have a very artistic approach to our passion, which is making games, and hopefully the image conveys that.”

Similar to his Co-Creative Director his role at Arkane, Colantonio serves as WolfEye’s Creative Director. Meanwhile, Roby has an Executive Producer position at the new studio. Both have storied histories in the industry. Colantonio was Co-Creative Director on Dishonored and the Creative Director behind 2017’s Prey release. Roby served as Executive Producer on Dishonored, then went on to help develop Mafia III as a Senior Producer. He also has Executive Producer credits on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

With such a fascinating pedigree between these two creatives, whatever they have planned next definitely seems worth keeping an eye on.

[Source: VentureBeat]

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