New Apex Legends Progression Update Next Month Increases Level Cap, Reduces XP Needed to Level Up


Developer Respawn Entertainment has become a fan-favorite studio recently, thanks to its work on Titanfall (the second of which will be available as a PS Plus game next month), Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and of course, Apex Legends. The team has been diligent in its support for Apex Legends, paying close attention to player feedback, and starting on December 3, 2019, more changes are coming. Most notably, the battle royale shooter will see improvements to its progression system by increasing the level cap and making it easier to level up, making the progression feel more consistent and rewarding. Plus, you’ll get more Apex Packs, featuring the addition of new Gun Charms.

For starters, the game’s level cap will be increasing from 100 to 500, giving you much more incentive to keep playing. Likewise, the amount of XP needed to get to 100 has been reduced by 5%. The goal in mind is to allow new players to have an easier time in the early stages of Apex Legends. More specifically, the XP required to get from levels 26 to 58 has been lowered, to be more appealing for new players.

The amount of Apex Packs you can earn has been increased as well. With the new update, you’ll earn 199 Apex Packs by the time you reach level 500. This is a huge increase from mere 45 packs you could previously earn. And the update will retroactively unlock any additional packs you’re entitled to, depending on your current level.

Speaking of Apex Packs, 36 new Gun Charms will be added and featured in rotation for purchase from the shop. You’ll find them in Epic and Legendary tiers. These Charms feature the game’s Legends and are perfect to decorate your guns with.

To go with the new level cap, players will also earn new badges for every 10 levels between 110 and 500. This is a nice little reward for those who put in the time to earn XP.

Look out for the new Apex Legends update on December 3rd across all platforms. Hopefully, this will make it easier for newcomers to get acclimated, while rewarding veterans with new gear and a reason to keep grinding out experience.

[Source: Electronic Arts]

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