Mega Man event now underway in Dragalia Lost until December 15


The Mega Man: Chaos Protocol event is now live in Dragalia Lost, giving players a unique opportunity to experience a story inspired by Mega Man in the world of Nintendo’s mobile game. You only have until December 15 to take part in it, so you don’t want to miss out! Read on below for all the details:

Event duration: Until Dec. 15, 2019 at 9:59 p.m. PT

Log-in bonus duration: Until Dec. 15, 2019 at 9:59 p.m. PT

Note: Players must have completed up to Chapter 2 / 2-1 (Normal) of the main campaign to participate.

Mega Man: Chaos Protocol event overview:

1. Add Mega Man to your team!

During the event, Mega Man will temporarily join you in battle. You can increase your friendship level by adding him to your team to clear quests. If you maximize your friendship level with Mega Man during the event, the Blue Bomber will stick around even after the event is over. Rock on!

2. True to the source material

In addition to the Mega Man series characters you know and love, you’ll also find abilities, attacks, and animations faithfully recreated from the original games. Plus, tune in for arranged versions of classic Mega Man music and original sound effects. There are plenty of nods to the Mega Man series to discover!

3. Charge into battle with signature moves

Use signature moves, such as the Charge Shot and Sliding movement, to clear out and dodge enemies. Shapeshift to hop on Rush and use a powerful multi-directional attack. Bring skills such as Metal Blades and Leaf Shield into combat to attack and defend. Once you’ve defeated the doc’s Wily Machine and cleared the story, take on the Mega Man Trial for a more intense challenge.

4. Lots of fun rewards

Don’t miss out on grabbing these limited-time rewards! Discover five new wyrmprints featuring new Mega Man series-inspired art, four new stamps, a new facility designed after the Metall character, and the Mega Buster weapon. Get log-in bonuses like Energy Tanks, wyrmite, and Tenfold Summon Vouchers. And, of course, you can earn the chance to permanently add Mega Man to your team by using him in gameplay.


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