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One year ago Horizon Chase Turbo hit the arcade racing scene with one message – that classic 16-bit racing wasn’t dead. And for the most part, it stood by that promise, delivering a fun content-packed experience that many were left drooling over. Today though the Horizon Chase Turbo crew are looking to expand, with the addition of some new free DLC that ensures the game will welcome new players with open arms – and open throttles.

The Horizon Chase Turbo Rookie Series is available to download free of charge right now from all the usual digital stores. No matter whether you are playing on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch or PC (Steam), the free content will be yours, delivering a new campaign that has been directed at young and inexperienced players.

Promising to teach the game basics in the most welcoming environment, the Rookie Series drop will let players evolve at their own pace, caring little for leaderboards, collectible coins nor fuel management, and instead focusing on learning the main aspects of racing.

This means you’ll find a new Rookie car, 24 more races, 12 opponents with a less aggressive style, and more all in place. In fact, the features of the Rookie Series include:

  • A brand new Rookie car
  • 24 selected races from the World Tour Mode (2 races per location)
  • 12 cars racing in each track with a less aggressive AI (World Tour has 20 cars in each race)
  • No leaderboards, collectible coins nor fuel management
  • Finishing a race in any position unlocks the next track
  • By finishing every race, the player gets a Golden Driver’s License

With the new car providing perfect handling options, automatic upgrades and more, it is possibly the go-to spot for anyone looking to familiarise themselves with the game. Of course, from there they can head off into the classic experience already in place, but this Rookie Series should give a sound footing.

What’s more, reach the end of Rookie Series, and you’ll find the unlock of a special Golden Driver’s License, one that ensures you are then ready to hit the World Tour and other gaming modes. With the new Rookie Series campaign DLC and our complete local multiplayer mode, the development team hope to bring friends and families together to enjoy everything Horizon Chase Turbo has to offer.

“We created Horizon Chase Turbo to be the racing game we wanted to play, hitting the sweet spot between true-to-life simulators and chaotic, explosive kart racers,” said Aquiris Studio Game Designer, Felipe Dal Molin. “With Horizon Chase Turbo, we want players to feel the nostalgic tension of the simple tug-of-war of a tight turn; where players are run off-road for a split second only to return to intense high-speed action as they overtake and battle against friends playing together on the couch or via the online ghost mode.”

If you wish to know more about Horizon Chase Turbo then our full review is well worth taking in. From there on out though, you’ll want to grab the full game from your favoured digital store – ours being the Xbox Store where it’s up for download at a £15.99 price.

Let us know if the introduction of the Rookie Series is something that will entice you into Horizon Chase Turbo. The comments are below.

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