A new Cup and additional Track Editor options arrive via latest Monster Energy Supercross 3 DLC

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monster energy supercross 3 track editor

When Milestone delivered their latest Supercross title to Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch and Stadia at the back end of January, they promised to allow gamers to get fully immersed in the dirt-ridden world. And for the most part they pulled it off too, with Monster Energy Supercross 3 providing a rewarding gameplay experience that had improved on games before it. Today though they are found enhancing the experience even more, with the addition of a new Monster Energy Super Cup and a plethora of sexy new Track Editor options. 

Available to purchase and download right this minute are the Monster Energy Supercross 3 – Monster Energy Super Cup and the Monster Energy Supercross 3 – Track Editor Pack. And if you hadn’t guessed already, they pretty much provide what they say on the tin.

Taking the new cup first and for £4.99, the Monster Energy Super Cup lets you experience the most spectacular Supercross race ever, allowing the chance to become legend as you burst out of the starting gates and take in a race that comes with its own set of rules, and a special, unique track.

monster energy supercross 3 super cup

Further to that and sitting alongside the Cup is the new Track Editor Pack. Running with a price point of £2.49, this allows you to expand on the already deep customisation options available in the Monster Energy Supercross 3 Track Editor to now mess around with additional elements. The pack itself contains new colours, additional Tuff Blocks, new Starting and Finish Gates, and a Leader Pillar.

With the base game of Monster Energy Supercross 3 in hand all you are left to worry about is hitting up your favoured digital store. For us, it’s the Xbox Store which provides are enjoyment and the links above will magically whisk you there. Let us know which of these two new packs you decide to grab.

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