Newzoo Survey Finds That ‘Ultimate Gamers’ Are Most Likely to Purchase Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


Despite all the negativity that often surrounds the Call of Duty franchise, it continues to be the game industry’s best-selling title year after year, with 2019’s Modern Warfare expected to be yet another feather in Activision’s cap. But who exactly will be buying the upcoming title? According to analytics firm Newzoo, “Ultimate Gamers” are most likely to purchase Modern Warfare.

The company describes an Ultimate Gamer as someone who “lives and breathes games,” regularly watches and consumes video game content, and is always on top of the latest and greatest in the games industry, going as far as investing in the newest games and hardware as they become available.

“Of all the personas surveyed in our Game Brand Tracker (who have heard of Call of Duty), ‘Ultimate Gamers’ are most likely to purchase the game, with 33 percent stating that they intend to purchase Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,” reads Newzoo’s report. Other segments that indicated an interest in Modern Warfare include “Popcorn Gamers” (10 percent) and “Time Fillers” (three percent). Both these categories refer to more casual gamers, with the former comprising of those who don’t mind watching others play, and the latter – as the name suggests – referring to those who play games to pass time.

Newzoo suggested that Call of Duty‘s successful mobile version may have a positive impact on sales.

“Surprisingly, it might be the ‘Time Fillers’ and ‘Popcorn Gamers’ who might discover Call of Duty based on the mobile version,” senior research analyst Kaylee van Greene told Game Daily. “Call of Duty: Mobile is a mobile-focused shooter, with some nods to the fandom in the form of iconic weapons and other recognizable elements from the franchise. However, the fact that it is a mobile installment makes it more accessible for these personas particularly, being offered to them as a more easy, bite-size game playable on the go.”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will release on October 25th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Game Daily]

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