Dauntless Halloween Event Brings Back Dark Harvest, Getting New Hunt Pass


Dauntless is running its Dark Harvest Halloween event again this year, allowing players to try and figure out the mystery behind a cult known as the Unseen and earn some loot along the way. If you explore the city of Ramsgate you’ll find it full of mysterious symbols that at first glance may just look like random graffiti. Take a closer look, and you may realize that it’s actually a cipher.  This year’s event started on October 24th, 2019, and will be running until November 5th.

Last year players who translated all the symbols would eventually be led to a cave where, if they recorded an audio message and used software to view the spectrogram of it, they got instructions to go to a specific twitter account and speak a password. The first 100 players to do so were rewarded with armor and had their names placed into the glyphs hidden around Ramsgate. The event then concluded with the Unseen summoning the Riftstalker, giving players a challenging new behemoth to do battle with.

If you’re looking for something to last after the season is over, the Haunted Shadows hunt pass will be launching on October 31st, giving you new cosmetics to earn and emotes to, well, emote. While most of the exact details haven’t been revealed yet, the new hunt pass will allow players to earn the “Night Hunter” armor set and the “Ghost of a Dog” emote that sees your player having fun with a skeleton dog. More details will be released for the pass at a later date.

There are also some quality of life improvements coming with the Haunted Shadows pass. A few updates mentioned include making the in-game compass easier to see and read, adding an automatic timer to kick AFK players from parties, and the toggle to turn patrol chests on and off actually remembering which option you set it to between patrols.

Dauntless originally launched on the PlayStation 4 back in May, and finally left open beta last month when it hit version 1.0.

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