Yu Suzuki Wants to Continue Making Shenmue Games as Long as People Are Interested


Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki has previously expressed his desire to make a fourth game in the series as long as Shenmue III sells well but it looks like the developer has plans to go beyond Shenmue IV too.

In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, Suzuki reiterated that Ryo’s story won’t end with upcoming release.  “Rushing to tie up the plot here would have made for a flat game,” he said. “And I hope to continue the series as long as people are interested.”

Suzuki is also confident that Shenmue III is a better game than its predecessors.

“I made the game with that image of joyful fans always in mind, and it made Shenmue III grow in scale and quality,” he added while recalling fans’ reaction to the E3 2015 announcement.

Elsewhere in the interview, Suzuki said that he wants fans to take their time with the game rather than rushing through it for the best possible experience.

“If you hurry through the game, there is a good chance it will just stress you out,” he explained. “I would ask everyone to take your time to play and not hurry through. When you come upon something you like, just stop and hang out for as long as you like, trying all things the game has to offer. For example, if you’re someone who doesn’t like gambling, try it in Shenmue and you may just have fun.”

Shenmue III is scheduled for release on November 19th for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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