Action Survival Title Rust Will Finally Make Its Way to PlayStation 4 in 2020


As far back as 2014, developer Facepunch Studios had its sights set on porting Rust to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Evidently, it took several years for such plans to come to fruition. At least it’s finally happening, though. The brutal survival action title will come to the two consoles on an unspecified date in 2020.

Facepunch Studios and independent publisher Double Eleven announced the news during Xbox’s XO19 event in London. As is often the case, a brand-new trailer accompanied the news. See what kind of excitement Rust holds for console players in the following teaser trailer. (Note: The teaser’s footage was captured on a PC.)

Rust originally launched on the PC in late 2013, offering players a gripping survival experience like few other titles could provide at the time. But it’s not only the harsh world survivors have to contend with. Rust’s competitive multiplayer means that up to 100 other players are also an ever-present threat, one that quite often proves difficult to escape.

Facepunch Studios‘ acclaimed survival experience drops players on a mysterious island with limited resources at their disposal. The island abounds in industrial structures, overly curious scientists, bears, wolves and a wide array of other dangers. Players, then, must work tirelessly to stay alive. This is no simple task, especially when navigating through a world where everything in sight is out to make your next breath your last.

Maintaining sustenance represents one key to survival; therefore, eating and drinking is essential. Crafting clothes serves as another integral part of the experience. The same goes for making weapons, shelter, and supplies. Materials for all of the above are found in the wild, but sometimes looting and raiding other players may seem like the more ideal course of action. After all, there are no rules in Rust. No objectives or limitations, either. Everyone must fend for themselves by any means.

[Source: Double Eleven]

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