Get Ready for the Score of a Lifetime When the Diamond Casino Heist Infiltrates GTA Online Later This Month


Get ready for the biggest heist Los Santos has ever seen. The Diamond Casino Heist will be making its way to GTA Online on December 12, 2019, giving you the opportunity to plan the biggest, “most complex criminal operation” in the history of the game.

You’ll be working with the Cheng family to break into The Diamond’s vault, while also getting sweet revenge on the Duggan Crime Family, who the Los Santos Triads are at war with. Like the rest of the game’s heists, you’ll have the ability to partake in various set-up missions ahead of the main event, but you may need to change plans in the middle of the action as different circumstances arise. And of course, you’ll be able to experiment with replaying the heist as the events can change each playthrough and there are many different angles to approach the mission, including what Rockstar calls a “dizzying array of choices once inside.”

Players will run a retro arcade as a front, using the basement as a staging area for the preparation. Here, you can practice hacking and cracking vaults via the various mini-games. The arcade will also be used to store equipment and What better place to plan your attack than a retro arcade?

There’s still a lot to unpack with GTA Online’s latest heist, but Rockstar assured us we’d find out more when the add-on launches on December 12th.

Grand Theft Auto V is still trucking along thanks in part to its popular GTA Online mode. Back in November, it was revealed that GTA V had surpassed 115 million units sold, which is more than the total PS4 console sales. Even with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar has had a major focus on GTA Online as the team has continued support for six years following its initial launch in 2013.

For now, it’s uncertain what the future holds for Rockstar and the Grand Theft Auto series, though we can probably expect that GTA Online is here to stay, not to mention a likely Grand Theft Auto VI currently being worked on for next-gen.

[Source: Rockstar]

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