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The days are quickly winding down towards Christmas. Have you done your holiday shipping yet, or are you still stumped on what to get your gamer friends and family? Maybe you just want a little something extra for yourself. Activision Blizzard makes some of the most popular games available right now, and there are plenty of licensed products to celebrate your love for every one of those games. Whether it’s a rubber duckie cosplaying as Crash Bandicoot or a cookbook full of recipes inspired by the many cultures of Overwatch, there’s a little something for anyone who loves Activision Blizzard games.


Overwatch LEGOs

Overwatch Legos

Play with your favorite characters and locations from Overwatch even when you aren’t playing the game. Overwatch LEGO sets combine the beloved hero shooter with everyone’s favorite building blocks. There are character sets, like the new Junkrat & Roadhog or Wrecking Ball kits. There are levels, like Dorado Showdown. And there are versus packs with minfigs for Tracer, Widowmaker, Hanzo, Genji, and more. While the LEGO sets might not cover the full gamut of characters and locations in Overwatch, they do capture a pretty good variety with some unique minifigs (just check out that Roadhog) and cool builds (D.Va and Reinhardt are awesome).

Buy now: LEGO; Amazon

Overwatch Ultimates

Overwatch ultimates reyes

Remember when you were a kid and had awesome action figures? Remember just last month when you bought yet another awesome action figure? Overwatch Ultimates are action figures for the people who love Overwatch. You can grab a whole host of characters from the game, complete with various accessories and even some of Overwatch’s most popular skins for those characters. We reviewed the limited edition SDCC 19 Reinhardt Ultimate figure earlier this year, and also have our hands on the Blackwatch Reyes version of Reaper (pictured above). If they are any indication of the rest of the line, Ultimates are high-quality action figures worthy of bearing the Overwatch name and character likenesses. If you act quickly, some of the figures are on deep discount on Amazon for as low as $7.

Buy now: Amazon, 2, 3, 4

Overwatch NERF Guns

Blizzard partnered with NERF to make NERF Rivals guns based on Overwatch weapons. NERF Rivals use foam balls instead of darts, and you can pick up Soldier 76, McCree, Tracer, D.Va, or Reaper’s guns to play Overwatch around the house with. They even come with some cool accessories to help you feel more like your favorite character.

Buy now: NERF, Amazon

Overwatch: The Official Cookbook

You can now make meals inspired by video games! Overwatch: The Official Cookbook features more than 90 recipes inspired by the various cultures and countries of origin of the Overwatch heroes. Enjoy dishes that your favorites would have loved.

Buy now: Amazon

Overwatch Premium Statues

Overwatch premium Statue tracer

There are action figures, and then there are premium statues, meant to be looked at, not touched and played with. Blizzard has a line of high-quality premium Overwatch statues featuring some of the most popular characters from the game. These hand-painted statues are the perfect way to commemorate the characters you love the most and earn a respectable spot as a centerpiece on a desk or shelf

Buy now: Blizzard Store, Amazon

There are even more Overwatch products directly on the Blizzard Gear Store, from shirts to home and office products featuring the characters. Check out the full lineup.

Crash Bandicoot/Spyro the Dragon

Tubbz Cosplaying Ducks

Tubbz cosplaying ducks crash bandicoot spyro

Tubbz Cosplaying Ducks are the latest bizarre craze of geek collectibles in the same kind of vein as Funko POP!s. These rubber duckies can be dressed up as any variety of characters, and both Crash and Spyro get in on the fun. The Crash Bandicoot Tubbz features the character’s zany eyes, tongue lolling out, blue board shorts, and even the fingerless (wingtipless?) gloves he wears. There’s a full line of these collectibles featuring all kinds of various characters from these games, including Crash, Coco, Cortex, Spyro, and more.

Buy now: Amazon, Numskull

Numskull Crash and Spyro Merch

Numskull is becoming a household name in the geek merch category, partnering with a wide array of brands, publishers, and developers to bring officially licensed products based on their games and brands to life. Crash and Spyro both have entire sections on Numskull dedicated to product lineups, including a Spyro incense burner (the smoke comes out of his nostrils!), Crash Team Racing trophy mug, and a whole variety of apparel and home goods featuring these games and characters. If you or anyone you know loves Crash and/or Spyro, it’s worth giving these lineups a look.

Buy now: Crash Merch, Spyro Merch

Other Crash/Spyro merch partnerships: FunkoPyramid InternationalTotakuBioworldExquisite Gaming

Call of Duty

SCUF Vantage 2 Modern Warfare Edition

SCUF Vantage 2 modern warfare call of duty controller

SCUF has been one of the top-tier creators of premium game controllers for years, and its newest flagship controller has partnered with Activision and Infinity Ward to bear licensing from the latest Call of Duty. It’s also an officially licensed PlayStation product. It features a custom faceplate and back paddles with Modern Warfare designs and themes. The controller is highly customizable, allowing you to change out the faceplate, thumbsticks, triggers, and even tune settings via PC software.

Buy now: SCUF

Astro Headsets Call of Duty Lineup

The Astro A50 Headset made our list of best PS4 gaming headsets, but maybe you want to give it a little flair with custom speaker tags? Astro has a line of Call of Duty speaker tags that you can customize your headset with, as well as a few special edition Call of Duty headsets if you aren’t looking to get the company’s flagship product.

Buy now: Astro

Captain Price Action Figure

Is Captain Price the new GI Joe? McFarlane Toys has a line of Call of Duty action figures, the latest featuring Captain John Price in his newly reprised form from the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The site (and rear of Price’s packaging) also lists a mystery figure coming August 2019, but as that date has come and gone, we’re not sure when to expect it. From the shadow, it appears to be a character wearing the ghillie suit.

Buy now: McFarlane, Amazon

There are a few other Call of Duty product partnerships as well, including apparel from  DRKN, and boxes of collectibles from Exquisite Gaming.

Blizzard Gear Store

For console players, the only things you may be interested in on the Blizzard Gear store are Overwatch and Diablo products (or perhaps general Blizzard merch), but the store also covers games like World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Hearthstone. They’ve got tons of apparel, collectibles, and home and office products, so even if a Diablo coaster set isn’t what you’re looking for, maybe you’d like a World of Warcraft beach towel instead.

Browse the full lineup of products on the Blizzard Gear Store.

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