One of the Oldest Video Game Review Aggregators, GameRankings, Is Shutting Down After 20 Years


If you’ve been following video game news online for as long as some of us have (don’t ask our ages), you’ll know what GameRankings is. For those who don’t, it’s one of the oldest video game review aggregation websites that predates Metacritic. Starting Monday, December 9th, it’ll cease to exist.

Both GameRankings and Metacritic are owned by CBS Interactive. Amid Metacritic’s rising popularity, GameRankings started to fade away. The final blow seems to have come from OpenCritic, following which GameRankings was almost unheard of.

A joint statement by both websites reads:

On Monday, December 9, 2019, will redirect gamers to its sister site, where they will find a wealth of information about how the latest video game titles are performing among critics. The entire team will continue our mission to create informative game review content and bring reviews of classic games to Metacritic.

As one of the oldest gaming sites online, we thank you for supporting GameRankings over the past 20 years, and we look forward to conquering new gaming worlds with you for years to come.

“I think the main thing that separates OpenCritic from GameRankings and Metacritic is that we care about advancing the industry,” OpenCritic’s Matthew Enthoven told PlayStation LifeStyle back in 2017. “We feel that critics, gamers, and developers have been underserved by CBS Interactive’s two aggregators. We want to contribute to the growth of the gaming industry and add value to all industry verticals; CBS Interactive seems content with the status quo.”

Metacritic is currently the most popular review aggregation website.

[Source: GameRankings]

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