Green Day (Yes, the Band) Has a Game Announcement at The Game Awards 2019


Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards has always been a platform for unique and unexpected announcements, and the host has been tweeting lots of photos, videos, and live streams to get people hyped for what’s coming. One of those live streams had a fan question about what celebrities would be at the show. In addition to a musical performance by CHVRCHES, Keighley said that Green Day would be at The  Game Awards 2019 making a “video game announcement.”

Yes, Green Day, the band, has a “really awesome video game announcement they’ll be making.” That’s all Keighley said about the matter, but it instantly conveys a flurry of theories about what Green Day could possibly be announcing on The Game Awards 2019 stage Thursday night. My gut reaction says it’s a Green Day music pack for Beat Saber, and as a guy with a massive American Idiot tattoo on my arm, you could say I’m thrilled at the possibility. However, it could also be a Green Day collaboration with any other number of games, or, even less likely, a Shaq Fu-styled Green Day game starring that iconic trio as they seek to take on the forces of evil. I’m leaning heavily on that Beat Saber Green Day music pack theory though. It wouldn’t be the first time Green Day has had deep involvement with a video game. Back in 2010, they made Green Day Rock Band with Harmonix.

In many of his live streams, Keighley takes the time to answer fan questions about the show, at least as much as he can. When asked about things that have leaked, Keighley stated, “As far as I know, nothing about our show has leaked right now.” So don’t expect Resident Evil 3 remake or Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC to appear, mostly because those are the big obvious leaks of the last week and Keighley has confirmed that neither of them leaked from The Game Awards 2019. “Yeah, we never planned to do anything with that inside of the show.”

Keighley also stated that he’s got a big announcement about the “next generation of The Game Awards” coming up in the next couple of days, and says that it’s something he’s been working on all year. And that’s not all. “Not only The Game Awards but I’ve got two more projects to reveal for you guys that I’ve been cooking up in the Keighley labs.”

You can catch the Green Day The Game Awards 2019 announcement this Thursday evening. The Game Awards 2019 will begin streaming at 8:30 PM ET / 5:30 PM PT on December 12.

[Source: Periscope]

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