PlatinumGames Lost ‘Lots of Great People’ Following Scalebound Cancellation, Reveals Former Dev


When PlatinumGames revealed that it was trying its hand at self-publishing and later announced The Wonderful 101: Remastered, many asked the studio if it had any plans to revive the cancelled Scalebound. Like The Wonderful 101, which is owned by Nintendo, Scalebound is Microsoft’s property. Fans were hoping that the game could be revived for multiple platforms and PlatinumGames itself expressed its desire to return to the IP if it was ever a possibility.

However, a former Scalebound developer has said that PlatinumGames already had its chance.

Jean Pierre Kellams, who worked at PlatinumGames for nearly a decade and served as Creative Producer, revealed that the studio lost “lots of great people” in the aftermath of Scalebound‘s cancellation, some of whom left because of the developer’s “failure.” His comments came in response to a tweet of a video where director Hideki Kamiya appears to be joking about emailing Microsoft so he can make Scalebound.

Kellams wrote:

We had our chance. We failed. They know why we failed. Lots of great people left after we failed. Some because we failed. I’m sad that it is now a drunken meme.

I have enormous respect for all of the hard work everyone put into Scalebound. I’m happy the W101 Kickstarter was successful and wish PG all the best. But SB was joy and success and happiness and pain and failures and tears. I’d love to see it made. It just isn’t a joke to me.

When a follower asked Kellams what happened behind the scenes, he refused to divulge details.

Kellams previously worked on Vanquish. He now produces Madden games.

[Source: JP Kellams via ResetEra]

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