Konami’s Castlevania 35th Anniversary NFTs Sell for an Unbelievable $160K


Over the weekend, Konami celebrated Castlevania‘s 35th anniversary by holding an auction to sell 14 themed NFTs. Unlike some other recent gaming NFTs, this auction was fairly successful with all of the artwork selling for a total of nearly $160,000.

The Konami Memorial NFT collection auction

The OpenSea auction featured a total of 14 lots, each of which was an NFT featuring artwork from the Castlevania franchise. The item that reached the highest price was a pixel art map of Dracula’s Castle from Castlevania – this sold for 7.718 Ethereum, a cryptocurrency worth the equivalent of just under $25,000 at the time of writing. Even the cheapest item, a gameplay video featuring the Dagger wielding Simon Belmont taking on Frankenstein and Igor, sold for Ethereum worth the equivalent of just over $7,000. In total, the 14 items reached a $157, 638.67 between them, as spotted by Video Games Chronicle.
Those who purchased the items also get the honor of having their name on Konami’s NFT website, but only for 10 months. There’s also the catch that while the buyers do currently own the artwork, if they decide to sell it on through OpenSea then Konami can take a royalty of up to 10%. In fact, Konami can take that royalty for every single future sale of these NFTs. Indeed, all of the artworks are currently on sale again for far higher prices, the most expensive of which are two videos featuring background music from Castlevania III:Dracula’s Curse. Both of these have an asking price of 100 Ethereum, worth an eye-watering $321,000 each.

Konami had said this was just the beginning of their venture into NFTs. With this amount of success in their first auction, who can blame them for wanting to try again. At least they’re doing better than Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint NFTs that sold just 6 of 3,000 items in the first six days. At the time of writing, only 15 items have sold since their release six weeks ago.

In other news, rumors claim Sony will be annoucing a major third-party PlayStation exclusive title this year, most likely to be the next exclusive game from Square Enix. Elsewhere, select European countries are now included in the PlayStation Direct offer for players to purchase PS5 consoles directly from Sony.

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