TERA Unmasked Update Lets You Wear Masks and Adds All New Content


Fans of action-MMO TERA should be glad to hear that the all-new Unmasked update has dropped, adding in new content and reworking existing content. To start the new content, there’s a brand new dungeon called Red Refuge. The dungeon, which will become available when you reach level 65, is made to cap off the Hennika and the Red Raiders story arc. It’s described as a five-player story-heavy dungeon and will have you battling against Hennika’s champion, which is a giant lion-man named Argog. Additionally, there will be both a normal and a hard version of the dungeon, giving experienced players something more challenging to do.

If you’re on your own, a trio of high-leveled Guardian Legion missions has also been added. One is called Avenging Talons and happens once an hour, allowing you to teleport to the quest area when it starts. This quest sees you defending a city from several dragons, earning nice rewards if you can defeat them before the quest resets. Both of the other new missions are flying-based, and you need to own a flying mount to participate in them. One mission, The Rhapsody of Wind and Fire, has you flying around a desert and destroying orbs. The other, Search and Destroy, has you fighting off an alien invasion. If you still need a flying mount, then you can grab one of three new dragons that have been added to the TERA store, giving you a few more options.

There are a few smaller changes as well. Masks have been added to the game, serving as a new item slot for you to equip. At the current time, there are four masks in the game, which will either buff defense, attack, flying mounts, or ground mounts. Some new PVP options have been added, with a new guild vs guild mode and a revamped 10v10 Gridiron that sees all players equalized and without items. There are also new leaderboards, for those who want to see which players are currently running the best dungeons, or scoring the highest in PVP matches.

The last major update for TERA came earlier this year, with the Reloaded update. That updated added the all-new gunner class to the game. If you’d like to know more about TERA and see if it’s the MMO for you, then you can read our preview.

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