Borderlands 3 Deluxe Edition Content Is Now Available Separately


Borderlands 3‘s deluxe edition came with some fun add-on packs for those looking to trick out their Vault Hunter and the guns they’d carry. Now, players can buy those add-ons separately if they own the standard edition and wanted one or two of the cosmetic packs.

In total, there are five add-ons, with three weapon packs, a costume pack, and a pack with a little of both. Each add-on costs $4.99 and is not part of the game’s Season Pass. If you’re looking to trick your Vault Hunter out in something shiny, the Neon Cosmetic Pack gives them all bright neon green outfits and a cute little neon skeleton that they can stick to their gun. The Retro Cosmetic Pack instead chooses to make everything red and tan, with costumes for all four characters and skins for the weapons that follow this theme.

Two of the weapon packs are just cosmetic skins, so you have something pretty to look at. The Gold Weapon Skins Pack is exactly what it says on the tin. It looks like someone dipped your guns in liquid gold and they’ve come out shiny and very valuable. The Gearbox Cosmetic Pack is instead a self tribute to all things, well, Gearbox. It makes the weapons much more silver in color, and gives you a little gear trinket you can put on your gun as well.

The final pack is the Toy Box Weapons Pack, and this one is a little different. While everything else has been skins, these are actual guns that look like toys. They have unique effects, with the guns shooting out foam darts instead of bullets. You’ll also get a special mod for your grenade, changing how it will work and look too. Like some of the other weapon packs, you’ll also get a trinket to customize your gun with a little toy gun.

If you haven’t picked the game up yet, you can check out our review of Borderlands 3 that may convince you to give it a shot. If you do own it then you may want to hop back into the game, as there’s currently an event running that can nab you some nice bonuses.

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