Guerrilla Games Job Listing Points Towards Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel


It’s no secret that Guerrilla Games is hiring for a new project, one that much of the gaming community is highly anticipating. After all, the studio’s last game, Horizon Zero Dawn, released in early 2017 and its DLC followed later that same year. What is noteworthy is the fact that the studio has a job listing that specifically references Horizon, leading many to believe a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel is in the works. The job listing is for a Technical Vegetation Artist with the role of “creating the stunning environments of Horizon.”

The listing also says that the artist is tasked with creating the vegetation assets to dress the world, optimizing the game’s content, and collaborating with the narrative team to meet design requirements. Assuming development started sometime in 2017 after shipping Horizon Zero Dawn and its DLC The Frozen Wilds, this upcoming project will likely be ready to go sometime after the PS5 releases. (Editor’s Note: Development times on games can vary wildly, so this is an educated guesstimate at best.) Evidence has been mounting that Aloy’s adventures are getting a new chapter eventually. The actress who plays Tatai in Horizon Zero Dawn allegedly let it slip that a sequel is in the works.

This project seems to be separate from the Horizon VR game that’s reportedly in the works, which is apparently being developed by Sony London Studio. Although, nothing is set in stone in regards to its existence. Considering how well Horizon performed both critically and commercially, it would be a safe move to launch a new game in that series, especially to coincide with (or come shortly after) the release of the PS5. Speaking of the series’ commercial success, Horizon Zero Dawn is the third best-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive in the United States, trailing only God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

[Source: Games Radar]

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