Anthem Tries to Channel Mass Effect With New Cosmetics for N7 Day


Once touted as the Destiny killer, billed as the next great live-service game, and hyped beyond all recognition ahead of launch, Anthem’s fall from grace has been nothing short of astounding to watch. Still, even as BioWare hemorrhages top-tier talent, Anthem clings to life. There have been promises of ongoing support and improvement, though the studio admits that such improvements will take time. One thing that won’t take time is a few new cosmetics that will allow you to pretend you’re playing a different, more beloved BioWare series (one that is in desperate need of a remaster or remake trilogy on modern consoles). Just in time for N7 day (November 7th), Anthem freelancers can now deck their javelins out in Mass Effect themed armor, making them look like fan-favorite characters from the classic trilogy.

The Ranger gets a Turian armor set, bringing heartthrob Garrus Vakarian back to life. The Storm javelin sees an Asari armor, channeling Liara. The Colossus looks like a Krogan, giving some serious Wrex vibes. And finally, the  Interceptor javelin armor makes you look like our favorite Quarian, Tali’Zorah. If that’s not enough Mass Effect for you, there’s also the Shepard Shuffle as an emote so you can recreate Shepard’s awkward and meme-worthy dance in Anthem.

Anthem Mass Effect javelin armor u/CptnCASx compiled the armor into one image on the Anthem subreddit, which is surprisingly still quite active.

BioWare isn’t giving the cosmetics away for free though. Each javelin armor pack costs 61,000 Coins or 850 Shards. That’s about $8 each, or $32 if you want the full set of four. The Shepard Shuffle will set you back 23,000 Coins or 475 Shards; about $5 of real-world money. These cosmetics join the Mass Effect: Andromeda themed javelin wrap that colors your armor after the Andromeda Initiative’s distinct style, if you’d rather live your Mass Effect fantasies through Anthem via Andromeda. The wrap can be applied to all of the other Mass Effect armors.

Of course, you could also just save your money for the inevitable Mass Effect remaster that EA recently hinted at during an investor call. While they didn’t call out Mass Effect specifically, the company did note that there are multiple remasters of beloved games that fans want to see coming in 2020 and 2021. Mass Effect has been one of those most called for (along with Dead Space), so it’s highly likely we could see the classic series resurface as more than just armor cosmetics in another game.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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