Worldwide influencers team up for free Youtubers Life DLC and trailer

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youtubers life fashion dlc

Think of yourself as a bit of a fashionista? Reckon you’re pretty fly? The latest DLC for Youtubers Life is here and in it you’ll get access to some super fresh threads – all for free.

Raiser Games and U-Play Online have today revealed a whole stack of new DLC pieces are available for Youtubers Life on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, giving players the chance to hit the catwlk in style.

The new Fashion Channel in Youtubers Life comes about for free and is U-Play Online’s way of thanking the 20,000 different influencers for creating more than 50,000 videos and racking up more than 150 million views. And what better way to showcase the new Fashion Channel DLC than to bring together some of the most popular influencers from across Germany, Spain, the USA, and the UK – including the likes of Fixx, Perxitaa, Willyrex, Fargan, Kwebbelkop, LegitGamingGR, and Mess Yourself – to feature in a brand new trailer.

The Fashion Channel of Youtubers Life offers players new ways to create content for their channels: from creating their own look, to tailoring any aspect of their everyday lives. And as soon as their popularity rises accordingly, players will get invited to exclusive events where they will meet some of the world’s hottest celebrities. The question is, will you be able to become the world’s next big fashionista?

Youtubers Life Fashion Channel DLC Features Include:

  • Buy and design your own outfits: you will have to combine different styles and colours, always keeping in mind how they suit the time of the year!
  • Tailor every aspect of your personal life: you can design new outfits, experiment with makeup styles and even get creative with your own haircuts!
  • Create fashion videos: once you tailor your first outfits you will be able to record a variety of videos about them. Start getting those totally deserved subscribers!
  • Attend fashion events to become a celebrity – but be careful, because you need to dress properly if you want to make it to that fashion magazine cover!
  • Become the next top model: Pick the best outfit and share the runway with the world’s top models!!

If you’re already invested in the Youtubers Life world then you’ll find this Fashion Channel arriving for free any minute. Those who have yet to delve into the world of celebrity would do well to check out our full review of the game on Xbox One first. It’ll be able to give a decent little insight into what is expected of any budding Youtube star. Should you like what you read, then the Xbox Store will provide the relevant game download.

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