Sony Interactive Entertainment Files Yet Another Patent for a Cartridge


Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed yet another patent for a cartridge, but this one looks different than the design that surfaced in 2018.

LetsGoDigital, the folks who first discovered the PlayStation 5 dev kit, found the patent on Brazilian Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial’s (INPI) website. The application was filed in June 2019 and was published last week on 5th November. A screenshot of the latest filing can be found below (click or open in new window to enlarge).

According to a translation by Wccftech, the cartridge’s designer is Yujin Morisawa, who is a Senior Art Director at SIE’s Corporate Design Center, and has been serving the company for 15 years.

At the moment, we don’t have access to the English version of this specific patent but when we do, we’ll make sure to share the details with our readers.

While patents don’t necessarily materialize (the PS5 dev kit was spot on, though), we can’t help but wonder if Sony’s looking into developing another handheld at some point, especially considering that the PlayStation Vita utilized cartridges. However, that’s merely speculation at this point as we don’t have anything concrete to suggest that the company will release another handheld.

Interestingly, Hellpoint developer Cradle Games suggested earlier this year that Sony should look into using cartridges or USB keys instead of discs for the PS5.

“I could see that printing Blu-Rays takes time, just to do it properly,” Cradle’s Technical Director, Marc-Andre Jutra, told GamingBolt back in January. “Flashing a USB key with an existing image on the other hand is much faster.”

That’s just Jutra’s opinion, of course.

What do our readers think?

[Source: LetsGoDigital via Wccftech]

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