Path of Exile 2 Announced, Will Be Available Alongside Original Campaign


Grinding Gear Games has announced Path of Exile 2, a new campaign that’ll be available alongside the original free-to-play title‘s story line, leading to the same shared Atlas endgame.

Other than a new seven-act story, Path of Exile 2 will come with all the content that has been released over the last six years, a new skill system, Ascendancy Classes, engine improvements, and more.

An official overview is as follows:

Path of Exile 2‘s characters are a new set of Exiles who fall into the same class archetypes as those in the original game. As such, they can pick from a set of 19 new Ascendancy Classes that differ from the old ones that are still available in the Path of Exile 1 campaign.

Path of Exile 2 introduces the next generation of Path of Exile’s iconic skill system. Support Gems are now socketed directly into Skill Gems, removing many of the frustrations present in the old system while maintaining all the previous depth. It’s now possible to six-link every skill your character uses.

The entire progression of armor and weapons has been redone from start to finish, alongside entirely new character models and animations. All of your old microtransactions are still compatible.

A release window for Path of Exile 2 hasn’t been announced but don’t expect it anytime soon. Grinding Gear has said that it won’t be ready for a beta “until at least very late 2020.” In the meantime, the studio will continue releasing content for the original game.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information.

[Source: Path of Exile]

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