Atmospheric Debris: Xbox One Edition launches

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Atmospheric first-person narratives adventures are fast becoming commonplace on the Xbox Store, with multiple options already in place, all vying to drag you in to their worlds with the hope of never letting go. If that type of adventure is one that appeals to your gaming needs though, then once more we see a new contender attempt to take the crown – Debris: Xbox One Edition

Coming from Moonray Studios, Debris: Xbox One Edition is now available to purchase and download from the Xbox Store, providing Xbox one gamers with the opportunity to drop themselves into a new world; that of a surreal seascape that is covered by both rock and ice. Think of the delights of the upcoming Beyond Blue, and then dial the intense meter right up to 11.

In Debris you will find yourself – and a friend – attempting to escape. Nothing new there you may think as many games run that route, but in this one you’ll need to harness power, defeat deadly creatures and try to work out what exactly is going on. And if Debris promises one thing, it’ll be that you escape together, or die alone. 

Features include:

  • Deep storylines dramatically impacted by the choices you make
  • Single-player and co-op modes
  • A unique underwater setting like nothing you’ve ever seen
  • Stunning graphics with dynamic ice and alien bioluminescence
  • Living creatures with their own domains, desires and attitudes
  • Futuristic weapons and a robotic squid

If you can grab an online friend to join you for this thrilling underwater ride then Debris promises many things. Hell, even if you’re a loner you may well be able to get a decent old experience out of what Moonray have produced. Just make sure you pop on over to the Xbox Store and nail that Debris download right now. The £10.74 price tag makes this highly interesting.

Let us know what you think though. The comments are down below.

Game Description:

An atmospheric first-person narrative adventure set in a surreal seascape locked between ice and rock. Following an incident, you and a friend must find power, defeat strange and deadly creatures, and decipher what mysterious forces are attempting to prevent your escape. Escape together or die alone.

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