Black Friday 2019 Deals: DualShock 4 Controllers for Less Than $40 Right Now


For some reason, video game controllers often sot more than games themselves, a massive investment that you kind of have to budget for, if not taking out a second mortgage just to afford them (I’m looking at you $80 Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons!). Now that Black Friday 2019 has rolled around, one of the absolute best video game deals of the year is available. Amazon is selling a variety of colors of DualShock 4 controller for only $38.99, the best price we’ve seen on the PS4 controller ever. These controllers normally go for a minimum of $60 (if not more, depending on the color option), so this is the time to jump on and get that special colored controller.

Here’s every color DualShock 4 on sales right now:

Unfortunately, the translucent Crystal DualShock 4 (my personal favorite of the bunch) doesn’t seem to be in stock anymore (you can purchase one used, if that’s the color you are dead set on), but I did manage to pick up the Rose Gold one to replace one of my wife’s old controllers that was having aiming issues. I promise that the matte sheen of the Rose Gold (and Gold and Titanium Blue) are stunning in person and well worth considering over the old standard black controller that came with your console.

Whether you’ve had a console for a while now, or just picked up one in one of these great Black Friday sales, do yourself a favor and get an extra controller or two. It’s rare that they go on sale, and it’s even rare that they ever go this low. Plus, by this time next year, we’ll be looking to pick up extra DualShock 5 controllers for our PlayStation 5 consoles, and who knows what kind of loans we’ll have to take out to afford those extras?

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