Bake ‘N Switch Mixes Overcooked With Smash Bros. For Some Co-op, Brawl-Based Baking


Blending two genres we hadn’t considered putting together, Bake ‘n Switch is coming to Switch in summer 2020 and appears to mix equal parts party brawler and chaotic kitchen sim, as you can see from the reveal above (part of the overall Nintendo Indie World Showcase).

Developed by Streamline Games, this couch co-op game is currently in Early Access on Steam, but its frantic multiplayer looks to be a perfect fit for Switch. Here are some details from the game’s page on Nintendo’s website:

• Work as a Team in Local Co-Op Mode (up to 4 Players): To save their world, The Bakers must combine the doughs – the bigger the dough, the higher your score…..and bake heaving mounds of dough in the oven before time runs out!

• Appease Hangry Guardians: Journey through the levels to summon the Guardians, satiate their insufferable munchies and gain their aid to defeat The Scourge. Little did the Bakers know what the Guardians demanded in return.

• Fight The Scourge: Punch away yucky Spores and Stickies before innocent buns turn bad! If you’re lucky, collect power-ups to Freeze, Electrify, Magnet & Solar Palm your way to victory!

• Become Top Baker in PVP Mode: Test your friendships by sabotaging each other’s ovens to bake as many doughs to win gloating rights.

• Choose Your Baker!: Bakers hold the most prestigious yet perilous position amongst their kin. Only the swiftest and sharpest of the lot get called to enter the inner sanctum of The First Bakers.

We love a bit of couch co-op, although there’s no shortage of great co-op games on Switch and we’re certainly getting the Overcooked vibes from this one. We’ll look forward to summer next year to find out if this will rise to the top or if it’ll suffer from a soggy bottom.

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